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After an initial telephone screening to learn a little bit about your case, you will meet one on one with either Karen or Richard .  We will meticulously go over your matter and based on over 40 years each of experience, we will advise you on what we believe is the best way to move forward with your case.  If its Social Security, we can help get your case filed or if already denied, handle your appeal.  If its another type of  civil matter, be it personal or business, accident or contractual, we will thoroughly discuss it with you, offer you our sound advice, and recommend the best course of action.  We will answer your questions.  You will NEVER be pushed on to some junior attorney or an attorney you meet for the first time when you go to court, or the day before.  The attorney you meet on day one is the attorney who will stand with you each and every step of the way.  That means you have an attorney with over 40 years experience working for you at all times.

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Free consultations are offered only for Social Security and accident cases.  Business and Employment law matters require in-office consultations at our hourly rate.  

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