Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney in Philadelphia

If you, or a loved one, are need of legal assistance regarding SSI or SSDI we may be able to help. Our Philadelphia social security disability attorneys have been helping clients since 1981. When it comes to your future and enjoying your retirement you depend upon certain benefits. When those benefits are restricted or denied money can get tight. Richard Wesibord is a dedicated and experienced litigation attorney. For over three decades Mr. Weisbord has fought for the financial rights of his clients. From handling supplemental security income cases to social security disability claims, and even injury lawsuits, Richard puts the needs of hir clients first. Karen Weisbord has been practicing law since 1970. She is tenacious and tactful in court, yet caring and easy to work with from a client’s perspective.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Wesibord handle each and every case that comes through our office. Unlike other law firms, we do not farm out or pass off our client’s files. That means every client who chooses to utilize our law firm gets to work one on one with Richard or Karen. We believe that having direct access to your attorney is vital to clear communication and helps streamline the legal process. In addition, being able to work with your lawyer on a more personal level may help lessen anxieties associated with legal dealings.

If you have questions about hiring a social security disability attorney in Philadelphia please call us now. You can reach us at (215) 592-1111. We offer a free telephone consultation.