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Richard A. Weisbord, Esq.

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A graduate of the University of Rochester and Temple University School of Law (Beasley School of Law)  practices primarily in the field of civil litigation, representing businesses and individuals involving corporate, real estate, and personal injury claims.

As with any litigator, he necessarily gets involved in the underlying legal issues and can assist and advise clients in their legal affairs, both commercial and personal, before their matter ripens into litigation mode. 

Karen Kress Weisbord, Esq.

Karen Kress Weisbord, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University School of Law, devotes her primary practice to two separate areas:  Social Security disability and Employment Discrimination.  She was co-chair of the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Social Security Disability Committee from 1996 to 2008 and continues to be a sustaining member of the National Organization of Social Security Claimant Representatives. [NOSSCR]. 


As an educator, she has conducted numerous seminars on Social Security law for attorneys.  Karen works with claimants seeking Social Security disability benefits from the earliest stages of the application process and claimants who have applied but have already been denied. 

She works directly with claimants from the initial call until the final bell:  your case is never passed off to some junior underling who takes over at the last minute.  Who you hire is who you get, from the top of the first inning till the final out – in extra innings if necessary. 

All Social Security cases are handled on a contingency fee basis:  you only pay if you win, and only out of your back benefits – never out of the future benefits she helps you win.

In the field of Employment Discrimination, Karen represents workers in both the private sector and government workers filing MSPB and EEOC claims. As with all other clients she represents, Karen works directly with you from the initial consultation until the final bell. She handles age, race, and gender discrimination, as well as wrongful termination and adverse disciplinary actions. Please note that these cases are not handled on a contingency fee basis. Please call for an initial in-person consultation.

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